Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

We were inspired by George and Lora on the West Coast and wondering what happened to our daughters here on the East Coast. Grandpa's green envy got the best of him.

It seemed that no one here in Maryland was going to carve pumpkins and such so Grandpa decided we needed to invite the Bainters and Stevens to our house for halloween for carving. So I got on the phone and called to see if everyone could come and sure enough they could.
So we left home at 11:30 am to do our shopping. First to the outdoor market for the pumpkins, then on to two grocery stores and a pharmacy trying to find everything we needed. We came up short but with Grandpa, he knows how to improvise.
Home by 2:00 we started work. If you want to see the results you'll have to go to Grandpa's site to see the results.

Friday, October 26, 2007

New Puzzle

Here is a new puzzle that Grandpa and I did. We found it at the pharmacy a couple of days ago while getting a prescription. We actually put it together ourselves. Noah and Stevie only put in one piece. And it is finished I just couldn't get the glare off of it.


This is Ceci and a friend ready to go to the truck or treat party at church.

I know this is early for Halloween but here is Stevie, Noah and Zane in their costumes going to the Primary truck or treat party at church. This year Grandpa and I did not go because it was raining.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Our Journey's map

Dad wanted me to post this map to show you the lay of the land where we live in relation to Tina, our ward house, and Brother Mason's house across the Patuxent River.

This is a google map and Dad has mapped our approxiate course and we sailed for about 15 miles. At times the boat leaned so far to the side that it was scary about 45 Degrees off verticle. Fun, Fun, Fun dad says. He is leaning over my shoulder. lol
Brother Mason told us the Patuxent River and all of its tributaries has more actual inland coast line that the east and west coast put together.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Sailing with Sid and Brother Mason

This is a picture of the sailboat before we got underway. Sister Mason was so sweet, she packed us all a lunch, chicken sandwiches, deviled eggs, grapes, apples and cookies. And there was bottled water. She had heard on the TV, today would be a perfect day for a picnic, so she fixed a picnic lunch for us on the water.

Dad sitting on the bench while Brother Mason got the sailboat untied from the wharf.

Brother Mason is quite spry for his age and he was telling dad what adjustments to make as he was getting the sail ready.

Here is dad at the helm while Brother Mason gets the sails ready.

This was when we were leaving the inlet where Brother Mason lives and you can see in the distance the bridge that Dad and I crossed from St. Mary's county to the Solomon Islands.

Just a beautiful day to be sailing. Good wind, sunny, not to hot just wonderful.

The homes and church is on Solomon's Island.

This is us on our way back and going under the bridge that we drove over to get to Solomon's Island.

Here I'm looking back at Brother Mason and Dad as I sit on the cabin top.

You can't see me but I'm sitting in the front part of the boat. Brother Mason had asked me if I wanted to go to the front and then he helped me so I wouldn't fall in and I stood just like they do in the picture Titanic. Picture a thin 80 year old man helping me. Really I did great until the space at the very front of the boat. I think Sid made the boat rock, but it was thrilling to stand there with the breeze in your face and then look down as the water was going past. I did get alittle sick to the stomach but Brother Mason helped me back as far as the cabin and there I sat until the wind changed and I had to move because the of sails going over me.

You can see Brother Mason is just relaxing and having a great visit with dad at the helm.

Here is dad sailing. He is an old hand by now. Sailing didn't cause him any trouble.

This is me again at the steering wheel. Brother Mason gave me another chance and I did a lot better this time. We were coming back from sailing and he had to get the sails down. We had lost the wind, I did steer in the wind, and it was easier once he turned on the motor and let down the sails. Sid helped him when he could.

This was sorta a unique sailboat that was in the inlet. Brother Mason said it was a vistor.

Sid took a picture of these tug boats as we were ending our sailing today. I thought they looked pretty big, I quess they have to be to pull those big ships into the habor.