Saturday, April 19, 2008


I've been trying to quilt a little every morning before it gets to hot. As you can see I have this one almost done. I have another quilt I'm embordering on the 9th block, so if I keep going it should be on the frames in another month. It depends on my mood.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Good ole Utah

I can remember in Utah when I wanted to do a baby blanket all I had to do was buy the material and then take it to a woman to have her hemstitch around the two pieces of flannel. Or you could go to the fabric store and buy flannel already put together with the hemstitching.
Wellllll here you ask about hemstitching and they scratch their heads.
Our new RS president wants to do baby blankets for the newborns in our ward. I went and found a needle that does leave holes in cotton but not in FLANNEL. Sooooo Dad being like he is, he helped me. I cut the flannel to size and then I put double sticky tape in between the layers of flannel and then when I make the holes they stay open because of the tape. I was basting the layers together and then taping on top but it was to hard to get the tape off after you crocheted around the edge.
So I have done one blanket and I have two ready for some women in the ward and need to find backs for two other pieces of flannel.
I think the blanket turned out okay, hopefully I don't get the other two back to do. It is still hard to get a crochet hook in the small small holes.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fruit Pizza

Dad and I were invited to watch conference at our home teacher's home. He is now single and he also invited over our other home teacher and his wife. He is in his fifty's and the other couple are in their middle seventies.
He asked us to bring dessert so I decided on a fruit pizza. It went over quite well. It was delicious. There is only about 1/4 left for tomorrow after conference when we are all over there again.

It was a crazy day watching three grown men act like teenagers.