Sunday, August 14, 2011


Thursday morning I got up early and drove to Tina's house, and then she drove us over to one of her friend's house, and her friend drove us up to the Washington D C Temple. Lincoln came later in the day.
It was Stake temple day and we were at the temple from 9:00 A.M. to 8:00 P M.  It was just a wonderful day. At 10:00, what I will call a session, began in the priesthood room with our Stake President and Temple President talking to us.  Tina played the organ and she did a wonderful job. It was a very spiritual day for me.  On the way back home I decided I was to tired to drive home after we got to Lincoln and Tina's so I decided to stay there and drive home Friday morning.
I had hardly gotten into bed when my cell phone rang.  It was our son George with the news that his daughter's husband had been killed that day.

 This is Hope and Riley.
Needless to say I got up, got dressed and drove home.  Tina had talked to Hope and asked if we could go to NC and be with her.  

It is a 6 hour drive from my house so Tina picked me up and we were at the base by 1:30.  
On the way I saw this prison bus.  I had never seen a prison bus before and Tina slowed down so he could pass us and I could get a picture. Well I had seen a prison bus in Cool Hand Luke.

We ate in Kinston, NC.  This is where some of my roots are.  This is where some of  Gran's family still live.
Tina parked in a precarious spot so I could take this picture.

We stayed with Hope at her apartment Friday evening and left when the Chief came for her to take her to Delaware Saturday morning at 9:00 AM.
 On the way home I asked Tina is she would take around about way to Kinston to Pink Hill where my Gran was born. She said of course because she is adventurous as I am. It is a cute little town.  The only pictures I took were of the entering Pink Hill sign and these cute little flags that were flying on every corner.

One thing about Pink Hill was that when we had been to the temple on Thursday Tina and I did some sealings and the sealer was being humorous about the town this person was born in, Pink Hill, North Carolina and then we found ourselves there.

Then on we went to Deep Run.This was another town I had heard a lot about when I was growing up.  I probably still have relatives living there.
Deep Run isn't as unique as Pink Hill.  Again Tina parked her car and let me walk so I could take a picture.

As we were leaving Deep Run I noticed the highway sign, it was highway 11.  I told Tina that I had a cousin that lived on that highway. I had started writing to this cousin when I was in the 8th grade and we have talked several times on the telephone since I moved to Maryland.  Tina said "Are you sure Mom?" Yep I'm sure. I looked up her number on my cell and there was no signal.  So I had given up on meeting her. 
Tina and I were hungry so when we saw a Subway we pulled in for breakfast.  I pulled out my cell and I had signal.  I called my cousin to see where she lived and she got so excited. She was only 13 miles away. That January she had moved and we were only about 2 minutes where she had lived before. I told her where we were and she kept saying don't leave, don't leave, I'll be there in a few minutes.

She then called her sister and they both came and visited with Tina and me.  Ramona is on the left, red dress. She is the one I wrote to and her sister Sharon is on the right. Sharon used to write to my sister Barbara. We had a delightful visit.  They both have a thick southern drawl  and talk so fast it was hard to understand what they were saying.  They would being talking at the same time and smiling. We have an invite to go back again and meet more family and have a southern BBQ.
It was getting on to 2 in the afternoon so we headed home.  Oh the rain, I'm so glad Tina was driving it lasted until we got into Virginia and almost to Richmond. Anyone that lives here knows how hard it can rain.
We drove through Richmond without any trouble but then we hit a parking lot.  The traffic just wasn't moving so we turned off 95 and went to 301 and sailed up the highway and over the bridge into Maryland without hardly any traffic.  It was sure good to be home.  I am thankful for Tina letting me go with her.  Trudy would have gone with us, but she needed to stay home with her family.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 8 of our travels to Myrtle Beach, Surfside

The last day.  Lincoln, Tina, Dad and I decided to only go swimming at the big pool.  To much to do before we had to hit the road.  The Bainters left before us as they were taking Hope back to NC.
Dad, Hope and me

As we were traveling I started seeing billboards about this place. When we arrived it was time for a break anyways.  That was the biggest gift shop I have ever been in.  Oh the pecans, they had pecans in any description.  I couldn't help myself I bought chocolate cherry coated pecans, chocolate covered toasted toffee pecans, and honey glazed pecans.  OHHHH soooo GOOD!!!!.  Did I say I had gained 7 lbs.  They had pecans anyway you could think to have them.  It was a big fireworks store also.  I think they thought if they didn't have it you didn't need it.
We made one more stop to get gas at WaWa's before entering Maryland and each of us had a milk shake.
It was a great vacation thanks to Lincoln and Tina inviting us, the Bainters and Hope. There is nothing like having family around to do things with.  I love being a mother and grandmother.  Our Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he created the family.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 7 of our travels to Myrtle Beach, Surfside

Today we decided not to go anywhere. Trudy, Tina, Hope, Noah, Zane and I played Canasta, then Golf, and then the boys taught me BS.  Stevie played that one. The boys, Steve, and Grandpa played poker in the other room for awhile.  Lincoln and Grandpa had several naps also.  Then in the afternoon we drove down to the beach.  We found that the evenings were cooler; we didn't need the umbrellas. 
Grandpa showing Stevie how to fly the kite.


I even took a turn flying the kite.

It was free night again so on the way Lincoln stopped and got KFC.

When it got dark Lincoln, Grandpa and I went for a walk on the pier. A guy had just caught a sting ray and was cutting off his tail.

A good close to another great day.  

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 6 of our travels to Myrtle Beach, Surfside

This morning started just the others.  The beach walk, the pool, hot tub and the lazy river.  When we got back the kids were playing cards.  

Then it was off to Mt Atlanticus to play mini golf.  It started off a nice day with clouds and a little rain but quickly got hot.  When we bought our pass we decided to buy two 18 holes passes. Each 18 holes were different.  I'm glad we had plenty of water. 

The first 18 holes was called the Minotaur. 

Since there was 12 of us, we split into 3 groups of four.

By the time we got to the half way mark we were ready for ices.  

We were all hungry after the last hole.  We all piled into the two vehicles and went looking for something.  We found a Taco Bell and a Chick-fil close together.  Those that wanted chicken ate it at Taco Bell.  Then back to mini golf.
I guess you can tell, the second 18 holes was called conch.

My hole in ONE!!!!!

I had to go around that wooden triangle. 

Then it was back to the condo and then to the beach for the evening.
There was such a good breeze that Grandpa was able to fly his kite.

This boy and his father were fascinated by this kite and took pictures of Grandpa.  Grandpa made him pretty happy to let him fly the kite.

This was my night for dinner.  I served hot dogs. Very simple.

This was the first time for me to take night portrait pictures.  They turned out better than I expected.

Another nice day with the best of company.  I think I went back to the condo and fell into bed.