Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving At Trudy's

When our family was all in Utah we had big dinners with all the family being there.  Lincoln, Tina and their four children would come, Steve, Trudy and their five children, George, Lora and their four children. The total was 21 people. Sid Jr and his family were in Texas or it would have been 24.  In today's world our boys are on the West Coast, Baxter is in California, three of Tina's children are in Salt Lake, and one of George's is in Idaho. WOW!!!

This year we had Thanksgiving at Trudy's home.  It was small but very good.  We had great food, my daughters are great cooks, and wonderful company.  We differed a little this year and played games after we ate. FUN, FUN.

McKay and Noah


Tina and Lincoln
 I had a better picture but couldn't get it turned right

Trudy and Steve

Zane and Ceci
I forgot my camera so took all these with my phone.
It was a delightful day.