Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ocean City 2007 waves

Ocean City 2007 with the Stevens Family

Tuesday we checked into this Condo, we stayed there until Friday when we had to change places

Mckay with Matthew, he is from France and stayed with Lincoln and Tina's family for three weeks.

Here we are just enjoying ourselves for a week at the beach.

The waves were rough everyday that we were at the beach. One thing good about it was the weather was cool. It rained just about every night and the days were breezy and cool.

The waves were beautiful but they sure banged you around.

Mckay had a blast in the water but then one of the waves caught him and started rolling him and then tossed him head first into the sand bar. He came running up to his mother and by the time he got to her two life guards were there asking him how he was. The one life guard made him lie down and held his neck and we covered him with a beach towel. They called the paramedics and you could hear the ambluance in the distance coming.

After the paramedics went over him they decided he was okay but told him not to go in the water the rest of the day.

Earlier in the day Lincoln was standing in the water with his board talking to dad and me, when a wave caught his board and slammed it into his knee causing it to go backward. He went down and then dad tried to help Lincoln up and he went down. The lifeguard was watching but didn't come over to help. Chancy and Matthew got Lincoln up and I helped dad get up. All this time Tina was reading her book and didn't see anything happen. I know if I had signaled the life guard she would have gotten us help then also.
Friday the 17th we loaded up the car and the truck and moved to another condo.

We got there before our room was cleaned so we all went the the pool and spent a couple of hours there.

Even Dad enjoyed the water.

The ocean view from the second Condo that we stayed at. The opposite view was to the left and you can see that people can dock their boats right outside their rooms.

Lincoln reading early in the morning as the sun rises.

One day a bunch of dolphins came by. The life guard called the people that were swimming out of the water because the dolphins were so close. I'll bet there were a dozen or more.
During the night it really rained hard and thundered. When we went to the beach there was the lower beach and then a higher pool.

You can see that Lincoln and Tina pitched their umbrellas close to the fence because waves were still coming up that close.
Most of these people were above the pool.

Mckay standing in between the ocean and the pool.

Dad is seated on dry and wet sand making sand castles. Chancy is walking just infront of him. The little kids were having a great time in the pool because there were no waves to bang them around.
Because of the pool at the beach someone got the idea to cut a little breach so they could go down on their boards

Here is Chancy going down. The breach started little and just kept getting bigger.

Then down went McKay.

The day before we left Ocean City we went by bus to the boardwalk.
The boardwalk is about 2 1/4 miles long. We chose the right day for it. It was overcast and rainy. Here is dad standing before flags at a flag shop.There is
always breeze so I thought it might be nice to fly
some kites, but not at the prices they wanted.

Chancy and Matthew went on their own and Tina, Lincoln and McKay walked slowly and took plenty of rests with us old folks.