Friday, January 4, 2008

Fire Fire Where's the Fire

This is Friday morning at 2:00 am. Trudy called us on the phone and told us their smoke alarm was going off and could she bring over the kids. Steve and her could not find anything but there was smoke in the house so they called 911. After Grandpa and I got dressed dad went over and he could see smoke and could also smell smoke so we all went outside.
We all had time to grab coats, put shoes on, decide what to take out of the house. Trudy and I both decided on our purses and then I went back in and got my camera after the first firetruck arrived.

Then another firetruck arrived. There was an ambulance in the neighbor's yard across the street.
What you see is not smoke, it is car exhaust from Trudy and Steve's truck, the kids were in it keeping warm.
There was no fire. The strongest smell was in Ceci's room and Trudy had unplugged everything in there.
The firemen think the furnace backfired, I've never heard of an electric furnace doing that but Steve cleaned the filter and they are supposely downstairs in the familyroom trying to sleep and Grandpa and I are on our computers trying to get sleepy.