Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving day 2009

We had a great thanksgiving this year. The only thing missing was the family that are in Utah and Oregon. Of course it started off by getting the turkey in the oven and finishing the pies and broccoli salad ( here Leo is saying glad I wasn't there) and the sweet potatoes. I had made the pie crusts the day before and the rolls. Tina brought mashed potatoes, two drinks, vegetable tray, pretzel salad and two pies. Trudy cooked the smoked pork, jello salad, two pies, stuffing, and brought two drinks. Big meal for only 12 people.

Here we are right after Lincoln said the blessing on the food and getting ready to fill our plates.

I have some great cooks in the family. Everything looked so delicious and was.

Finally everyone was sitting at the table and eating and enjoying each others company.
Sid and Ceci with Grandpa enjoying my coconut cream pie and my raspberry pie.
I think the pumpkin pie was the first to go. Tina made chocolate cream and Oreo pies. Trudy made apple and pumpkin. I made the coconut cream and the funny looking raspberry.
Then after the meal, Tina said she had brought sprinkles so we could do our toenails. Oh what fun. I have a trail of sprinkles from the living room to the bathroom where we sprayed off the excess sprinkles.
Ceci's toes
Tina taking a picture of Trudy doing her toes.

Here are the finished toes. Trudy, Stevie, Tina, Me and Ceci. That was fun. To bad I don't wear sandals to church so I can show off my good looking toenails.
Steve and Tina getting the icing ready for the gingerbread houses.
Mac just getting started.
Noah and Stevie
Mac's finished house
Noah's I think there is a hole in the roof for Santa to go thru.
Grandpa's geodesic, it is not a soccer ball
Mine, yep I actually did one this year.

After we finished the gram cracker houses we played games until about 10 pm and then we finished off by gathering around the piano singing Christmas carols. Reminded me of when we had the whole family together and Tina would play for us as we sang.
Yes I'm thankful for a wonderful family, wonderful grandchildren, wonderful sons and daughters in laws, our country and the gospel and the peace it brings into our lives. I thankful for a very loving Heavenly Father and his Son our Savior.
I don't want to forget my parents and my four sisters and my ancestry. I am very blessed.
Love you all.