Monday, January 10, 2011

Our two weeks in Oregon

This year we went to Oregon for Christmas and New Years.  We flew out Dec 19th and flew back home Jan 4th.  We had a great time with our sons and their families.

It was fun watching Grandpa texting and getting acquainted with his new phone. This was at the BWI airport while we were waiting to board.

We saw Hope on our two hour layover in Salt Lake.  Going back through security my bags were looked at three times and stuff taken that went through in BWI. Good thing our flight was delayed 30 minutes or we would have missed our flight.
 Had time to crochet hats for Jackie, Sydney, Emma and Connie.

I had time to go walking with Connie in the rain and then later in the week Grandpa, and Sid walked with us also holding umbrellas to keep the rain off.  I realized then I could walk in the cold wet weather and maybe come home and walk in the cold.

Enjoyed watching the family dance and sing.

We all ate good food (pizza) and enjoyed each other's company.

I love the Oregon sunrises.

Grandpa got into helping Sydney, Tayler and Emma with robotics with his sons, Sid Jr and George.

Had a great Christmas Eve dinner at Sid Jr's, with George's family.  Wonderful food.

I just love trees and the moss on the trees fascinated me.  I took a bunch of pictures so if I start painting again I'll have some pictures to go by.

Wondered where our Jacksticks game went. Found it at Sid Jrs.

We had a wonderful Christmas Day at Leo's.

The day after Christmas Lora came and got Sid and me and we went and stayed at their place for the rest of our visit.  Emma and Tayler made cookies and Choco-Mallow that were really GooD.
George cooked us some Rubens that were so good I had to try making when we got home.  Not as fancy as his but good.
Both our boys are good cooks and kept the grills going while we were there.
 Our daughter-in-laws are awesome cooks and grandpa and I gained to much weight.
Dad and I got our exercise by going up and down these stairs to our bedroom. hehe  We also went and walked while Lora exercised at their ward house.  It was nice being so close to a ward house that you could go and walk round and round.
We played games every night and then the Sid Jr family came over for New Years eve for dinner and games.

Our granddaughter Sydney plays soccer and we went and watched her play.  This is indoors.

There was no heat in the building but it was still an enjoyable day watching the games.  Sydney's team won the first game and lost the second game.  These games had been going on since Friday and this was Sunday;  her team placed second.

Then it was time to go home.  A sad time.  As we were flying out of Portland I looked out the window and saw Mt Hood.
Our 2 hour layover was in Kansas City that turned into a 3 1/2 hour layover.  At the time we were to board our plane the announcement was made our plane was just leaving Las Vegas. That made it so it was 11:00 pm when we arrived.
Took a shuttle where our car was and found we had a low tire.  We stopped at the first 7-Eleven after the airport and filled the tire, stopped a wa wa's and bought two hot dogs, came home ate and were in bed at 1:30 am. We just had a great time.  Now to get back to our wonderful life in Maryland.