Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

The day was sunny, bright and beautiful.  I had finished my blueberry pie and pumpkin roll the day before and didn't have to much to do so I decided to make gingerbread dough for the gingerbread houses we were going to put together after our dinner.  It should have been done days before but I couldn't make up my mind to make mine out of gram crackers or gingerbread. 

 I thought I had made enough pieces for two houses, so I cut out these trees.  After they had been in the oven for 1 minute I recounted and found out I need two more pieces.  Out came the cookies from the oven.  Then the ball of dough went into the freezer for 10 minutes to get cold so I could re-roll the dough and bake it.  So then I started the relish dishes while I was waiting.  When we started the houses I found out I didn't have enough pieces anyway, so Dad cut out cardboard and did his with a combination of gingerbread dough and cardboard.

The Stevens family arrived at 12:00 noon and we were ready to begin.

 Lincoln Carving the turkey

 Pumpkin roll and Blueberry pie (blueberries complements of Sid and Connie)

Tina's Banana Creme Pie and Trudy's Cranberry Creme Pie

Tina and Lincoln brought the Creme Brulee Tortes and Noah made the Pumpkin Pie

Ham that we brought

Jello Salad by Trudy

Drinks from everyone and Relish dish from me.

Nut cups made from Lincoln's mixture.

Delicious Mac and Cheese by Steve

Tina's Pretzel Salad

My Sweet Potatoes (home grown)

Tina's Green Bean Casserole

Trudy's Dressing

All of us enjoying our meal.  It was all soooooo delicious and good.   I over ate, and I wasn't going to. 

 Everyone got to talk to Baxter. You can see Tina in the corner.

 I don't think I would do Gingerbread houses this way again.  Not unless I had a saw so I could even up my pieces.

 Getting ready and seeing all the candy and cookies, oh my










 Then we all came over to our house and sang Christmas Carols.  Well, some of us wandered over after a fashion.

 McKay got Grandpa's Guitar.

 Stevie played Joy to the World

 Trudy playing Joy to the World also

 Gramps and his guitar 

We had a wonderful day with family and great food.  I am so thankful for the family that Sid and I had together and for the way they have all turned out.  Many have gone their own way and I love how they are raising their own families.  In this day and age with planes and Skype we are close no matter where we live. I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.  Love you all.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall in Maryland

It has been a little cold and rainy but the colors have been beautiful.

 Pictures of Sid and me in front of the red bushes at our ward house.  These were taken with Sid's camera.

 My fall roses and iris.