Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ezekiel Bread

This is my second attempt to make this bread.  The first time, because I don't have a flour mill, it was to coarse and really stuck to the pans.  This time I ground the different grains and beans separately, and then mixed the flours together.  
 As you can see it is a batter bread that you pour into the pans.  This batter has wheat berries, spelt flour, barley, millet, green lentils, dry great Northern beans, dry kidney beans and dried pinto beans. It also has honey, olive oil, yeast and salt.
 It stuck to my pans so bad the first time I really oiled the pans.  I still had to wait for the bread to cool before it came out.
 It took about 90 minutes to rise.

 A little too brown on the top.
 Perfect loaf.
Good texture.  This bread doesn't taste like the Ezekiel Bread that Tina bought, but it is still good.  Maybe next time I'll put wax paper in the pans and see if that makes a difference.