Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fun last two days

My sister Annette and her son Reza came Friday for a quick visit.  They took the train from New York, leaving at 4:20 AM.  Tina was home from her Mediterranien Cruise the night before, so she came out Friday morning to visit.  Tina wanted to get some apples and Annette wanted to see the Amish markets so Sid, Tina, Annette, Reza and I did a circle tour from our house to some of the markets that I knew about.

 This was at a Amish shed that Tina had heard about, that we lucked on to. They had only apples.

 Then we turned around and went back to Stauffers 

 Tina had been saying you couldn't find banana squash here in Maryland and Reza walked over and showed her two of them: which she bought one and shared with us.

 As we were leaving Zimmerman's  Sid said we should show them Breton Bay Wharf. It was a beautiful day for the Bay.   When we were going through Leonardtown there was a Amish market with pink lady apples and we stopped and bought some of those plus I bought some Chow Chow.

 Since it was Steve's Birthday we all met at Tequila bar and Grill in Charlotte Hall.
Annette, Reza and I left and went to Summerseat for the Ghost walk.  I really enjoyed it.  

 Saturday Sid, Annette, Reza and I went on a private tour of Summerseat.

This is the slave stairway down to the kitchen.
 Jimmy took us down into the cellar, where the Ghost Hunters had come and made a episode.  



 Sid and I took Annette and Reza to the Calvert Marine Museum.  All the touch screens had been turned off because of the hurricane coming.


 The lighthouse was closed while we were there.

 We walked the riverwalk  

  Having a hard time deciding what to eat.  Sid and I divided a Monte Christo, so good. 

 I love the shops.

Of course had to take a picture of a tree.

We had a very enjoyable day.  We got Annette and Reza back to their rental car by 3:00 pm so they could drive to Union Station and catch their train back to New York.  Way to short of visit.  Annette's flight was cancelled  for Monday because of Hurricane Sandy so she will be in New York until Nov 1.
How I love family!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chop Suey

I haven't made Grandma Young's Chop Suey for so long.  It turned out so good.  I know it doesn't look like much, but eat it with red wine vinegar and it tastes so good and brings back a lot of fond memories.