Friday, June 21, 2013


Last Thursday was Stevie's last day in the 5th grade so Dad and I went to her graduation.  Stevie is the last of the grandchildren to be in Elementary school. I am going to miss her coming in every morning, eating breakfast and practicing the piano, but I know that life goes on.

 Honors Chorus singing The Star Spangled Banner

 Oh my, our little Stevie is growing up into a young lady.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Little Jaunt

I love to go on little jaunts and see the country.  Today Sid was a captured person.  He had a doctor's appointment at the Dean building that didn't take very long soooooo on our way back home we made a side trip.
I have been reading this sign since 2005 when we moved here.  I mistakenly thought it was the seafood place across the street from the sign.  Then a couple a Sunday's ago I realized this sign, and one other down the road, had an arrow that led to the right. hmmmm  Well today instead of going straight on Three Notch Road we made a right.

Following the signs this is what we found on the Patuxent River.

We trespassed so Sid could take this picture of the Patuxent River.  While we were taking pictures of the restaurant another car and a couple on a motorcycle came by site seeing also. 

On the way back to the main road we both took pictures.  Besides liking big trees I also like old barns.

Then Sid found his dream home.

At a stop sign was this historical marker.  Sid took this picture so we wouldn't hold up traffic.  Don't laugh I had to drive away before he found out if it was a good picture because a pickup came up behind us..
A good afternoon with my sweetie!!!!