Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007 in Maryland

Set up the table for 14 people. Tina and Lincoln's family, Trudy and Steve's family and dad and me.

We served buffet style worked out great

Stevie Bainter and her dad Steven.

Tina Stevens

Baxter, Justin and Cecilia

Lincoln Stevens

Zane's plate. Big eater

The feed. As usual we had way to much food. All the pies are in the house on the freezer. We munched on them all day. Tina and I were lazy and bought our pies. Trudy was a trouper and made her pies.
The delicious looking rolls, Tina made. It was all very goooood.
I did a pretty good sweet potato casserole with the potatoes we raised this year.
The only thing missing was our family on the West Coast and Halley and Ryan in Salt Lake.
Love you all and hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

After we finished doing our Christmas cards. At least Tina and I did cards and Trudy did teachers gift boxes. Ceci, McKay, Stevie and Noah did their advent candy calender. Ceci went right at it.

Here Ceci is tying inbetween the candy.


Stevie and Trudy laying out Stevie's candy. Stevie did the counting of the candy and then mom got the ribbon ready to cut.
Stevie tied all her indivdual candies.

All finished.
McKay is laying out his candy for his advent calendar.

Trudy showed McKay an easy way for cutting the ribbons that go in between his candies.

Mckay's finished advent calendar.
You can tell this takes a lot of concentration to tie all of these candies. Steve helped Noah for the first part.

Here is Noah with his finished 25 day advent candies for December.
A good way to finish the day. I think everyone had a great time. Some of the Bainters and Stevens were playing x box games over at the Bainters. Lincoln slept some and then he and Steve watched a football game. Dad just wandered back and forth between watching us do cards and the computer.
After all was finished and put away the adults just visited at our place until 10:00 pm.
We are so grateful for all of our many blessings and being with our family. The Lord has given Sid and me so many great things and the most important is family and the gospel.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Lora tagged me so here goes I had to think long and hard to find six things I enjoy.

1. I do love to read. I used to love anything that was printed and couldn't put a book down until it was finished. Now I love the scriptures and other related church books. I still read fiction but just don't have the time I used to when I had 4 children at home.

2. I love to crochet and quilt. Right now I'm in the middle of a project of embroidery and quilting that grandpa says I'll die before I get it done. We'll see.

3. When basketball season is here and the Jazz are telecast here in the East I love watching them play. When I lived in Utah I watched all the games that were telecast. Grandpa and I enjoyed watching the World Series this year also.

4. I used to love gardening and yard work. I did some of that last week and my head and eyes are itching so bad I wonder if I want to finish weeding this week as it rained really good last night and should make it easier to pull the weeds.

5. I have done family history over the years and love finding names and histories that make my ancestors come alive. I love taking them to the temple and doing their work for them. That is something I haven't done much of here in Maryland because I'm afraid of driving on the beltway. Right now I'm am indexing on the familysearch and that is always fun.

6. Last of all and the most important is that I love being with family. Reading the blogs of those that blog and reading the emails of those that don't is becoming more important as I grow older and live farther away from some that are most dear. Since I'm getting older it seems more important staying in touch with one another and this is such a great age to live in when we can call, see and share with one another so easily.

Well I think that about does it. Lora has tagged everyone I know except for Halley and I will tag her before Tina does.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trudy's Birthday Party at school

Tina called the other day to see if we could go eat lunch with Trudy on her Birthday. So I found out when she had her lunch.
As you can see I baked her favorite pie, pumpkin and Tina bought Chinese take out. We had an hour before the kindergartners came back for class.
The office help was smacking their lips over the pumpkin pie so I gave them the leftovers with the whipped cream for the topping.Posted by Picasa

The Steven's White Plains ward trunk or treat

The Steven's decorated trunk. There were alot of cars and alot cute decorated trunks and neat sounds coming from some. This is a neat way of doing halloween.

You can see Tina and Lincoln dressed for the evening of fun.

Zane, Noah, Mckay and Stevie in their awesome costumes.

Even the missionaries were there with their trunk decorated. They gave out candy and hand out cards. The kids loved it. Zane was alittle disappointed when he found out he didn't have any cards.

Right after this picture was taken we decided to go home. The kids went around and around the cars until all the candy was gone. All four Bainters had grocery bags full, and I mean full, of candy. Mckay had quite a bit also.
On the way home we went to the Mecahanicsville fire station. They put on a good show every year. Stevie got in the back seat and then we rolled down our windows. They had Trudy and I both screaming. The kids also. The fire fighters have bags of stuff for the kids then you turn off your lights roll down your windows and drive through the SCARY ALLEY.

When I got home after going to the Stevens ward Trunk or treat dad had finished carving his pumpkin. I think it looks pretty cool.