Saturday, March 22, 2008

easter eggs

As you can see we colored eggs at the Bainters again this year. I boiled up a dozen for us and Trudy had boiled up 6 dozen for them. We all used different methods and came up with some neat looking eggs.

The pink egg was the first egg I did. I used leaves and kept them on the egg by using a nylon. Some leaves worked better than others

Grandpa decided to sponge his eggs this year. They turned out to be unique.

This is a egg that Trudy taped with scotch tape and then kept taping and dipping.

This is the last egg that Stevie did. She had already colored it and then her mother put the leaf on it and dipped into another color. It turned out pretty good.

Brain food

The other day I decided to make bread. With this recipe you let the yeast, water and sugar rest for 45 minutes. In 30 minutes it was raising over the small bowl it was in so I put it in a bigger bowl. Grandpa thought it looked like a brain so I took a picture of it. You'll have to decide.

Then Wednesday Stevie, and Ceci, and I made spudnuts. I think they turned out pretty good. It has been years since I have made donuts.

A Ticket !!!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago Grandpa and I went to LaPlata to do some shopping. We went to a material shop, and then to Safeways and Walmart. Since it was lunch time we decided to top off a wonderful day at Wendys, which we did.
We left Wendy's making a right onto 301 and then a left so we could make a left onto 6 and low and behold I looked into my rear view mirror and there were flashing lights. The light turned red so we had to wait and the flashing lights were turned off and I told grandpa I guess it wasn't me the cops wanted. Well the light turned green we made our left and guess what went on you guessed it the flashing red lights.
I only had one brake light and that isn't all!!!!!!! They wanted to see my drivers license and the car registration. The Drivers license was simple to come up with. I asked grandpa to get the registration out of the glove box. He did and I handed it to the officer, he said I would like your Maryland registration. The one I gave him was our Utah registration from living in Midvale two years ago. The officer told me what Maryland's looked like and I told him I must have thrown it away when we licensed the car here in Maryland.
He was probably thinking dumb old lady. I didn't get a ticket he told me how to go online and get another registration, grandpa bought some lights and installed them and this last Monday we went to the police station in Leonardtown and an officer signed off the work order now I just need to send the work order to the state.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I finally went to the dentist awhile back and they wanted an arm and a leg for fixing a tooth, you know root canal and crown and etc. Well I told them I didn't have that kind of money so they sent me to a specialist.

I could get the tooth pulled for a lot less money. Sooooo Feb 27th Dad took me to Dr Z and he put me out, because I'm such a chicken, and pulled the tooth. He did such a good job that when Dad drove us home I wasn't even scared. I can't even remember the drive home.

Yesterday I went back to Dr Z and the hole is doing great. So I actually started chewing on that side, which is good because I can't chew on the left side because of not enough lower teeth. I was tired of worrying my food. Now I can chew and swallow and it won't take an hour to eat one scrambled egg. I didn't lose any weight darn it.