Monday, August 18, 2008

Flying to Utah

Tomorrow I'm flying to Utah. My mom's 88th birthday is Wednesday so I thought it would be nice to be there. I found a good price for tickets on Southwest. I am staying until the 9th of September. Hopefully I'll have something to blog then.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The geek squad

I never thought I would see the day that we had a geek squad person in our home.
Dad, or grandpa, has been having fits with his computer. When he thought everything was up and running he decided I could help him with his bookkeeping. He got the program and he couldn't make it work. Even the printer went off line and he couldn't make the printer print from my computer.

Well we had Trudy over one day to see if she could figure out the bookkeeping program but all it did was give her a headache.

Dad bought another computer from comUSA. It didn't work. We are sending it back. SOOOOOOO last Sunday after church, I know what you are thinking SUNDAY, we went to Best Buy and dad bought another computer, a gateway. (Our car's air conditioning quit on our way back to the church for a baptism).

While we were buying the computer the salesman asked if we needed help setting up the computer. We didn't need help doing that but we did need help setting up the networking between computers for the printer, the bookkeeping program and outlook express. Wala the geek squad. Tuesday the guy came he had never worked with Microsoft accounting 2008. He set up the printer fine. After a couple of hours he had me sit down at my computer and you could see what I was typing in on Dad's computer so it was fixed. Then he got the outlook working also. He left.

Well he is coming back today. I tried the program WITH dad's computer ON yesterday. He couldn't see it. Dad tried a few other things and then called for the geek squad again. He is coming today. There must be two programs installed. I don't understand it.

I also do indexing for the church. The guy emptied my cache file so it didn't work. Today I took off Java and reinstalled it before I realized that my indexing program was no longer in Java. I was following the Church's instructions how to get up and running again. So I just reinstalled the indexing program and like magic there it is. But I have no Internet shortcut to get on the Internet. So I'm on because of some email I have received. Oh what fun.:)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hummingbirds again

Here are my humming birds again. They were cussing me because they were out of food. It was Sunday and their syrup was inside cooling off. There were about 8 birds flying about.

I thought that when I took down the feeder they would leave but as I hung up the feeder in came these two plus about 6 or 8 more, so I ran in and got my camera. The first two pictures were taken with the flash on because it was raining and then I turned the flash off. You can't see but there are humming birds flying around the planters and me. At one time there were 4 birds all feeding at the same time with 2 waiting but I didn't have my camera. They must be migrating because I have to fill two feeders about twice a week. In fact I had filled them Friday.