Saturday, August 28, 2010

Amish and corn 2 of 2 video's today.

Today as we were going to Noah's football game, we passed our Amish neighbors putting up their corn.  We couldn't resist and turned around and took their pictures.  It is so different than putting corn up with a tractor and a corn header.  Corn was my favorite crop to put up and I'm glad I didn't have to put it up with horses.

There are two teams here.  One pulling the conveyor and the other one the wagon for the stacked corn.

 There are two horses pulling on the inside and three on the outside.

The other day I saw a father and a little girl, the little girl about 8 was driving the horses and the father was picking up the cut corn and putting it on the wagon.

Then on to the football game.

Noah's first Football game

Last week grandpa and I went to Noah line of scrimmage game.  Today we went to his first game.  I think they did pretty well.  They did lose by 5 points but they showed lots of promise.
Actually this is the end of the game but the only time I could keep the camera on Noah #3.

Does this look like Ocean City? hehe. Just watching Noah's game and I even rubbed with suntan lotion so I wouldn't burn.

Steve and Trodpod, the players were running through at the end of the game.
Great day!!!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Paintless dent removal 2of 2 blogs today

Since our son George does paintless dent removal, I thought he might like to see how here in Maryland one guy does it.

Our son sits out in all kinds of weather on the different car lots.

Big Moth 1 of 2 blogs today

I was taking Baxter to his driving school and he told me of this spider looking thing that was on the front of the house and asked me to take its picture.  It was BIG.

You can enlarge this picture below and see the creepy legs.

okay I turned it upside down and enlarged it.  Can you see the eyes????

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day two at Ocean City

The second day we got up and had a Continental breakfast at Salisbury and then on to the beach.

Steve and Trudy and their family came Saturday and of course we sat up our umbrella city and then rubbed with sunscreen.

Then Tina took Grandpa's shoes off and then rubbed his feet with sunscreen so he could feel the warm sand under his toes.
The kids love to be buried in the sand for some reason.
I love this scene with Zane.

Grandpa decided to build a sand castle toward the end of the day.

Then the kids decided to build a long mote.
Ceci built a castle along the mote.

The Bainters left and we stayed to watch the sunset and then back to our motel.

We had an enjoyable time. It is great being with family.  I have always loved going to Ocean City, it is always nice to be home again, also so we can rest from mini vacations.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day one of Ocean City Friday

Lincoln and Tina invited us to go to Ocean City this last week-end and so we decided to go.  Sid and I both love the Ocean.  It is so much different than the ocean in California or Oregon.

We left home with McKay and were at Lincoln's at 9 am, an hour later than we were supposed to arrive.  I didn't think they would leave without us since we had McKay.  It rained a little on us but most of the drive was great.

We went to Assateague Island, we hadn't been there for 10 years.  That is when Lincoln and Tina first moved to Maryland.  I was hoping to see some wild horses but nope.  Just a fast view as we were leaving.

Beautiful beach though with great waves and fewer people.

Isn't it funny how we go to the beach for the sun and water and then make sure we have our umbrella's to ward off sunburns and being to hot. Well the first day it was cold and I ended up with my towel around my shoulders to keep warm.

You can't tell here but Mckay and his dad are playing catch.

As far out as you could see there were white caps.  We were going to the state park but they were not a allowing people in the water so we went to the National beach instead.  It was pretty rough.

Taking a picture of me as I was taking a picture of her.  HEHE

Grandpa under the stripped umbrella.

On our way back to our motel in Salisbury we saw this all you could eat seafood place.   The Assateague Crab House. Yummy!!!!

After we ordered they covered the table with heavy brown paper, gave us mallets, butter, crackers, paper towels, hmmmm.

Grandpa and I ordered this.  Wow that is a lot of food for two people.

Almost ate the whole thing.  Grandpa didn't eat his coleslaw but everything else finally was gone.
Link was so nice.  He cracked about three of those crabs and all I had to do was eat the meat.

That was all the meat in those crabs after so much work.

I loved this sign over the door as we were leaving.  Great place, great food.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thursday-- Temple Trip

Thursday was our Stake Temple Day.  It started out here without any rain.  About two miles from Tina's, the radio gave the weather alert signal and said we were in for bad weather.  It didn't start raining until we were just about to leave Tina's and then it started to pour down rain.  The closer we drove to the temple the better the weather until no rain at all.  Then the traffic began to slow and then we were on a parking lot.  We found out that there was an accident and if we got through that that there was flooding on the road to the temple (4 feet).

We got out the GPS and found an alternate route to the temple that was interesting in itself because of all the lines being down, no stop lights, no electricity, etc.

We got to the temple in 3 hours instead of 1 1/2 hours.  We were told if we hurried we could make the 11:30 session and that was it for the day.  No electricity in the temple. The Baptistery was flooded and the compressors could only keep some of the rooms lighted.  No air conditioning.

We decided to make the session.  I saw a old friend from Delta, Loreen, working in the women's dressing room.  We actually dressed in the dark.

 The session was packed with people from our ward and stake.  There was such a special quiet feeling during that session.  You could forget the outside world and feel the peace the temple brings and know that everything would be okay.

This picture was taken after the session.  The sun was shinning and it was beautiful.  Lincoln, Tina and I ate our lunch in the car with the A/C running and then went over to the bookstore, where we met people from our ward shopping that had gotten the message that stake day had been called off because of no electricity.

On the way home it started to rain again but not as bad as in the morning.  Sid said it stormed pretty bad at our house also but at least we had electricity.