Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A fun week with family

Last Thursday our daughter-in-law and three grandchildren came  to visit.  They live in Oregon and have been touring the United States for the last 30 or so days.  They stayed with Trudy Thursday and Friday night and have been at Tina's ever since, going to DC and other places.
Yesterday Sid and I went to Tina's for my piano lesson so we visited most of the day.

Thursday they leave to finish their tour.  Emma and Tayler will start their schooling on the road, Sept 4, but they won't get home to Oregon until the last week of September.  It was so much fun seeing them and being able to have the three families together.  There were two missing one was George our son and their married daughter Jackie, maybe next time.  Then maybe our other son and his family will be here also. Oops Baxter was in Utah so there were more than two people missing. Sorry Justin, Chancy and Halley weren't here either.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Outer Banks Day 7

Lincoln and McKay left Saturday to go back home.  They were flying to Florida that afternoon to a Eagle Scout program.
The rest of us went to Kill Devil Hills to have a game of miniature golf at Professor Hacker's Lost Treasure.

 After playing miniature golf Tina and I went to Roanoke Island.  We went to the Elizabethan Gardens and the North Carolina Aquarium.  The others went to a movie.

 I love big trees and there were a lot of them. One Ancient Live Oak was living when the colonists landed in 1585.

These topiary would have been beautiful if they had been kept up.

 Me in front of the Queen Elizabeth 1 Statue

 Sunken Garden (contains an ancient Italian Renaissance Fountain)

 The Sunken gardens had a few statues, but had not been kept up.  

 The Gazebo is a traditionally made English thatch structure.
It was a nice walk, cool because of all the trees.  If I went back I would go in the spring when the flowers would be blooming.

 These fish greeted us at the aquarium.

 Just inside the aquarium was this turtle quit.

Last stop Rita's. 

Sunday we were up early and checked out and were on the road by a little after 8 AM and missed the traffic jam of driving home.  It was a wonderful week.  I love being with family.  The Lord has blessed Sid and I with wonderful children, their spouses, and 14 wonderful grandchildren and what a blessing to be able to spend time with some of them.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Outer Banks day 6

Every morning that we walked we saw different sand creatures that others had created, so on this day Gramps decided to create his own.

 Stevie helped 

We stayed the whole day at the beach.  It is so restful and I love hearing the waves and people watching especially our grandchildren.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Outer Banks day 5

We woke up on Thursday and it was still stormy, so we sorta had an indoor day.
  Tina and Lincoln got up early and walked the beach while the rest of us slept in.  We played games in the the morning and then in the afternoon Lincoln, Tina and the boys decided to go to the beach.  Gramps and I followed a little later.  It rained but it was fun.
Trudy, Stevie and Ceci went to the hot tub and pool.
Later Trudy, Gramps and I went shopping and found Duck Donuts.   Oh are they good!!!!.

We just had a fun time taking a time out.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Outer Banks day 4

Beautiful day and we all headed down to Cape Hatteras and the lighthouse.

Lincoln, Tina and McKay

Gramps (Sid) and Me (Cecilia)

Baxter, Trudy, Noah, Stevie, Zane and Ceci

 Looking up the stairs of the lighthouse.  No way was I climbing those.

 Waiting to climb up the lighthouse

 By the time they went in the lighthouse we were over at the museum. 

 Brave souls at the top


 After we left the lighthouse we went and toured the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum

A long day but well worth it.
Trudy's family and Sid stayed at the condo to eat.  Lincoln, Tina, McKay and I went to a seafood buffet to eat.  It was delicious.