Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another big snow

I looked out the window and my heart began to sing:
It snowed last night, it snowed last night, the sky bears had a pillow fight, the sky bears had a pillow fight it snowed last night. That was yesterday morning.
Then I looked out my window that afternoon and there was this snowplow that had slid off the road into our borrow pit. It was still snowing pretty good, but I decided to go out in the snow and try and take a picture.

This truck was stuck pretty good. Two loaders fitted with plow blades came by and stopped to pull him out. They tried to pull him out by going to the front but the truck just went in deeper. Then the two loaders tried from the back and one of the loaders started into the borrow pit also. One loader pulled the other loader out and then they started throwing sand on the road from out of the truck. That gave the two loaders enough traction that the truck was pulled out.

I'm not very prepared for this kind of weather. No boots, just socks and tennis shoes. That is the reason why I didn't go out again and take pictures of the truck being pulled out. Baxter and I watched from my window. The snow on my shoes is still out in our SUN ROOM. It is to cold for the snow to melt. BURRRR
You can see there is a lot of snow on our car and this was about 2 in the afternoon and it didn't stop snowing until after dark. Grandpa Sid shoveled our steps three times yesterday and they still have about 2 inches on them this morning.
Just a shot of across the road at our neighbors yard.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stress Test

Yesterday I went and had a stress test. My doctor decided because I was having so much stress and it was causing some anxiety I needed to know that my heart was okay.

So I made a 8:30 appointment. Sid and I were there on time. Finally at 9:00 they came and got me put an needle in my arm for the radiation liquid they would put in later, put all the patches on me and put me in the room with the treadmill. My kids I know are saying ahhh Mom is having anxiety now. But it wasn't bad. We were waiting for the Cardiologist. The technician kept coming in and saying it won't be long now. Just a few minutes more. About 9:45 in comes the doctor and we get started.

So Sid is in there, the cardiologist, the two technicians and me on the treadmill. This is only a 5 minute stress test. They start the treadmill out slow for them fast for me and every minute or so make it go faster and on an incline. They had my heartbeat up to 150 minutes per minute and my blood pressure was great, 130/80. One the the technicians even put her hands on my back to kept me walking and so I wouldn't fall off. Then when there was a minute left they put in the radiation fluid. So far so good. They took my blood pressure after I got off the treadmill and it was 120/78. Really good.

Then they told us to go eat something and be back in 45 minutes for the pictures they were going to take. It was now 10:00.

So we arrive back at the clinic at 10:45. This is the machine that took the pictures of my heart. I had to lay with my arms above my head for 15 minutes without moving. Breath in and out. Sing hymns and primary songs. Finally the 15 minutes are up. I went out to the waiting room to wait with Sid to find out if the pictures turned out. They didn't. My good old liver didn't release the fluid good enough so we had to wait another 45 minutes for more pictures.
This time my left arm thought it was going to fall off. I'm not used to having my arms above my head. This time I was counting slowly and singing more primary songs. Finally it was over and we came home. It was noon. Wasted Sid's morning but I was glad he was there with me.
To make the story short, the cardiologist called about 3 o'clock and said everything looked good. My blood pressure was great and he could see no blockages. To make an appointment for two weeks. So I did.
Oh I love getting older, 65 last October. But I least I know my heart is still healthy and that is great.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I love Sundays. These are the pictures I have been taking of the nursery class I help in. The children are awesome and so are the two sisters I work with, Sister Rose and Sister Tanner.
There are three other children in the class I haven't been able to get a picture of but I will.
I found this poster board at Staples yesterday and then Trudy helped me out in printing the I am a Child of God. Then she cut out the strips on my paper cutter, because I don't like to use it, and pasted it together for me. I'm lucky for living by daughters that are so much more talented than I am. Anyway I think the poster turned out pretty good and the children loved it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Day

These pictures aren't the best, they were taken with my phone camera.

New Years Day the Bainters invited us to go to the movie Avatar. We rode the metro and had it to ourselves. Everyone else was home sleeping it off or just relaxing at home. The theater was in Alexandria, Va and we made one train change. It is so easy to go by metro when you are with someone who knows the ropes.

I had forgotten how big a IMAX theater is and the huge pictures that are on the walls.

They had the Three chipmunks there. Trudy and Stevie looked so cute in front on them. I wish my phone took better pictures.

The Masonic Temple in Alexandria, VA

Then we were on our way home again.

The movie started at 11:30 and lasted about 2 and 1/2 hours. I loved every minute of it. I thought it was the best movie I had seen in a long time. Ceci thought it was the best she had ever seen. We left home at 9:00am. It was well worth the 30 minute car ride to the metro and then the 45 minute metro ride.