Monday, May 31, 2010

Pool Swim Lane Reel Finale

The Beast and the Beauty waiting for the spool stand
McKay starting the axle tube

The Beast in the headband driving the axle home.
New reel price $1,200.00----Better than new reel repair $300.00

Spooling the lane marker string.
nearly done

Viola (finished) several hundred feet spooled on in short order
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Swimming Lane Marker Reel

A couple of weeks ago Tina called her dad up and asked if he thought he could fix the swim team's lane marker reel.  It was going to cost about $1500 to buy a new one.

This is at the pool and Tina and dad are unrolling the lane markers so we can take the reel home in our little car.

Here dad is brazing the tubing after he had cut and molded it.

Dad washed the reel so we could take a clean picture of  the reel after he had put it together.

Putting it together.

Here is the first one put together.  He finished the second one later on today.

All painted.  I don't think he has lost his touch in fixing things.  Tomorrow he should finish it up. He says provided his old body holds up.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Our little Chick-a-dee

Yesterday Stevie was accidentally tripped by a friend racing to the swings.  She fell hard on the cement and has a good bruise on her side and one on her arm.

Today her mother brought her over to our house, she was limping and holding on to her mother so she could walk.  Trudy said that Stevie couldn't walk unless she was holding on to something and then  Trudy had to demonstrate, it was so funny.

Soooo today Stevie is home with us, using a cane that we have so she can walk.  Right now she is practicing the piano, then she has her homework she needs to finish.  She does have books to read but she is on couch duty all day.  Poor dear, I know she hurts but it is so funny to watch her.

These pictures are of Stevie going to the couch from the piano. She didn't want me to take pictures of her using the cane.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Saturday

Saturday Sid and I went to our ward Scout's Breakfast, Service Auction and Car Wash.  As we drove up we noticed Zane and Noah washing their car with the help of other scouts and their leader Brother Rey.
We left our car to be washed and then went and had breakfast.  They had all kinds of fruit and sweet breads, oh yes pancakes. 
Baxter went out to move our car after it was finished and took some pictures of the scouts washing our car.

They did a wonderful job.
I think they had fun too.   Brother Rey is a good leader and the boys had big smiles on their faces.
 Stevie and her friend just happened to wear the same kind of t shirt.  Love the saying   Best Friends.

That same evening we went back to the Church for Stevie's baptism.

Tina played the prelude and postlude .  Baxter played for the songs that were sung and for Grandpa and me as we sang.

After eating quite a few goodies at the baptism, we went and ate at a Mexican restaurant.  It was very good and I overate.  What sweet misery all night long.  When will I ever learn.
I had an enjoyable day, I would do it all over again.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Damn Dog (Excuse the French)

Went outside to put Stevie on the school bus this morning.  What do I see?  The nylon I tied up my peonies with yesterday lying on the deck with Bubbles happly chewing up one of my beautiful peonie blossoms.  Then walked around the corner and found another one laying on the walk.

One good thing about it.  Stevie took her teacher a beautiful peonie.  She was happy.  Now I have one floating in a bowl on my kitchen table.

Naughty dog!!!!!  Don't get the wrong idea, I like Bubbles, she is a good puppy.  I'm glad my garden is beyond her electric fence.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The good old work horse

When Tina was here the other day she remarked that she had seen the farmer down the street using 6 work horses. So today while we were out and about we saw the same rig.  Stopped and took some pictures.

Sid's dad used to farm with horses before the tractor.  He used 1 to 3 horses at time.

Can't believe I've blogged three times today. he he

Dad and his rose tree

Just back from the doctors and couldn't resist taking a picture of Sid and the Rose tree.  It has 4 times its size in just one year.


I think I have said I have never been able to raise peonies.  I bought one from the Zimmerman's two years ago. Amish Market.  Then last year I bought five from Spring Hill.  Wow. I think Grandma Emily would be jealous.  She loved peonies and she had one bush that she protected like a hen with her chicks.  In Abraham I couldn't grown them. 

These are some pink peonies that I bought from the Spring hill Nursery.  I tied them up with some old nylons.

Same Pink

This one isn't as big but just as pretty.

The peonies from Zimmerman's.

Trudy knew I was looking for some Rose trees so when she saw these next two rose trees at Lowes she called me.  Dad just planted them today for me.

They are both really pretty.  I hope they do as well as Dad's.

Here's Dad's in full bloom.

I can't believe how fast these potatoes are growing.  I hope they put some energy into potatoes.

Today I planted the cucumbers, squash, and melons that I started in the house.  My tomatoes need to get a little bigger before I transplant them.
Fun, Fun!!!!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Last night while I was watching the Jazz beat the Nuggets, 11:00 pm.  I saw the moon through the trees.  I'm always trying to get a good picture of the moon.  This is better, but I have a long way to go.