Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Mother and her Octuplets moved into our Neighborhood

Steve, Noah and Stevie came home with this cutest family, consisting of 1 hen and 10 chicks.

This was taken while they were still in the box.  Steve bought them at the farmer's market.

Then out they went into their little coop.

Trudy wanted to make sure that they knew where the water and feed were, so she climbed into the coop and the mother hen took the chicks away.  Trude did catch one chick and showed him the water.  I think this is so fun. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some of Spring Break

Sunday we went up to Lincoln and Tina's for dinner.  Chancy and Justin are here from SL, so the Bainters and us went up to visit and eat.

A fun Sunday!!!!!!!

Then on Tuesday we decided to go shark tooth hunting. Dad found a neat place that we went to and found out that it was all private property. So we all went to Calvert Cliff State Park. None of us had been there before. Since there was a two mile walk to get to the beach we decided to eat first instead of packing it all with us.

First on the trail was an interesting tree that Noah and Zane liked.

As we went along the group seemed to divide into groups. Some of the boys went on a head.
Then the next group. With me behind.

Then after awhile the next group and at the beach we waited for Grandpa and Justin.

But being behind I saw the birds and turtles that Steve was seeing.

I'm glad that they had plank walkways at some places because of the swamp. It was cool enough that there were no bugs.

You could also tell the beavers had been at work.

Then we all arrived at the beach. A different sort of beach, long and narrow.

Stevie found a neat rock and the rest of us either looked in the water or dug in the cliffs looking for shark teeth.  Dad did find some shells. No shark teeth.

After a few hours we headed back up the two mile trail.  Steve had seen on a trail map a place that looked like you could drive right down to the beach and it was called shark tooth something.   So we all headed over there and found out it was on private grounds also.
One thing though, I qualify for the weight watchers five K walk.
When we got home Dad soaked and washed his shells off.  The first picture is how they looked and the second picture is of the one that he sprayed gold.  This shell was actually whole, together until he washed the sand off of it and then it came apart.  Tina was wondering if a pearl was in it, but it turned up empty.

It was a great, great day.  And even though I was stiff and sore this morning, while I was putting this blog together Trudy came and got me and we did our walk and I worked out my kinks and feel pretty good.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Noodles & Company

Yesterday Dad went with me to my piano lesson. Last week I took him to Noodles & company  for the first time, I had been there before with the girls, and he fell in love with the place.  This week we took Tina with us for lunch.

Good Food,  Great Company

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Memories

Last year the Bainter's bought two peach trees.  This spring both have brought forth blossoms.  That reminded me of the peach trees that we planted in Sutherland in 1977.  Only one tree lived, because of the alkaline soil, and when it produced its first blossoms in 1978 we had to take pictures of it.  I think we had three years of peaches and then we had a May snow storm that divided it down the middle.

We were pretty happy to finally get a fruit tree to grow there in Sutherland.  I had tried in Abraham without any luck.  We finally had 2 cherry tree, 2 apples and some apricots grow in Sutherland.  The apples and apricots produced like crazy but the cherries just dried up before they were ripe.

Now 33 years later.

It will be interesting to see how many of these blossoms make it to the ripe peach stage.