Thursday, April 25, 2013

Last Day Two Days

Saturday was another sea day.

 Sid did some of his laundry hung his pants on the deck and others in the shower.

 The sunset was so beautiful.  Earlier in the day they had a Mexican Sail-Away at poolside which we indulged in and then finished up at the buffet.  I only gained 4 pounds and I have lost 3 1/2 pounds since we have been home. 

At the Grand Atrium we listened to the Big Band, they played the music of Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, and others. Had our usual water drink.  Finished off listening to  Ariel until midnight. 


 Sid trying to get through the security without taking out his laptop.  No go.

Couldn't pass up this picture of a huge iguana in the airport.

Then home and Tina was waiting for us at the Reagan Airport.

What a delightful week.  It seems like a dream now.  Loved every minute of it, being with my sweetie and knowing that my children had to sacrifice to give us this cruise.  I truly love each and everyone of them and their spouses.  I can never thank them enough.


Tina said...

So Glad you had a good time and have lost most of the weight! Yay!

Kori Wilson said...

Looks like it was an amazing trip! What a thoughtful gift.