Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grandma making donuts with the Grandchildren

Happy Birthday Sid

Sid Jr's 42nd Birthday

Happy Birthday son. Sorry about the above pictures. Some of the pictures I tried scanning in and they are so old that they are blurry, but you can see that you were a fun loving child and I loved having you as my 1st son 2nd child.
You have brought a lot of joy into Dad and my lives. I wish I had a way with words so you would know how much I love and admire you in all you do and how you and Connie are raising your daughter. xoxoxoxoxoxo :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Grandma's glasses

My old glasses vs my new glasses. You can't see but the new ones are purple.
My new glasses. Grandpa said they were crooked and it looks like they are, oh well they feel good. I think it is because of my crooked nose that was broken when I got bucked off a horse when I was younger.

Old glasses at least they are straight

The Old Bag Woman

This is a bag I crocheted and finished the other day made out of grocery bags.

This one is one I finished to take to the beach this year. I carried our towels, water, books to read and what ever else we needed at the beach. It worked pretty nice. A couple of years ago I made Trudy, Ceci and Stevie some beach bags that they used. It is pretty fun to see the different designs that happen.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stimulus Check

Well we finally received our stimulus check yesterday. We had decided to get my eyes checked with it. I called the eye doctor yesterday thinking it would be a few months but they had a cancellation for today at 2:15. What a surprise. So was the cost, $200.00 for an eye exam. I did find out that my eyes have changed, no surprise there, but for the good. I don't have to go back for 2 years. I told the receptionist yea it will only cost $400.00 then. But she assured me that I would be on Medicare so it would only cost $55.00.

Then we went and picked out some new glasses. The eye doctor told me to keep my old glasses and use them for night driving as my new ones wouldn't be as good for night driving but better for close up work.

We have a little left over, it shouldn't take long to figure out how to spend it

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rhubarb Custard PIe

I just couldn't help myself. I have been eating rhubarb pie since I was little. It started I think in eating Aunt Ella's Custard Pie, oh it was so good. She was a German and just a good cook, my mom could never figure out how come all of us could eat so much at Uncle Luther and Aunt Ella's.

Then I married grandpa and his mother Emily had a rhubarb custard pie recipe to die for. She used the same recipe for gooseberries. We had rhubarb and gooseberries plants for these delicious pies in Abraham and I took starts of rhubarb every where we moved.

Well I saw some rhubarb here at the local store as I was shopping for the beach and couldn't help myself. It was $2.98 a lb but that didn't stop me I just had to have it.

Soooo today I made a rhubarb custard Pie and
it is so good. Grandpa and I had ours in a bowl with
cream, oh what a delight.

Rhubarb pie brings back such pleasant memories of my childhood and also of raising my own family in Abraham. I wish that my rhubarb plants here in Maryland were as healthy as those in Utah. Earlier this year I cut enough for a rhubarb cake, didn't have quite enough but it was good.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Beach 2008

These are pictures that I took at the pool the first night we were in Ocean City. I don't know where the men were. I think going to the Ocean with family is so much fun. It is fun watching everyone dig in the sand, swim sleep and read their books. Then all the fun we had in the hotel with with the Stevens and Bainters. We were 14 in one small front room playing games and being rowdy. I think while we were playing pit the people in the next room probably were wondering what in the blazes we were doing.

Tina and Trudy just relaxing under the umbrellas.

I know this doesn't look that much but it is a wave of fish. Just before this the dolphins were swimming by then we could see this line of fish and it looked like the dolphins were herding and feeding on the fish. If you look you can see a bird feeding also. I had never seen anything like this before.

Grandpa asleep under the umbrella.

Here is Tina braiding Halley's hair before we left to go home.

On our way out of Ocean City on our way home McKay wanted to play miniature golf.

This is everyone at the first hole.

This was the last hole.

Grandpa actually won. He finished with a score of 37.