Thursday, January 29, 2009

The winner of Noah shower picture

It is a tie between Mickel and Stephanie and Sid Jr. I had two emails that voted for Sid Jr's. So that tied it up between them. Each received 3 votes.

Thanks everyone for voting it was fun.

The orginal was the one that said "You've got to show me the person that's really that short. It received 2 votes.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

snow days

I know the families in Oregon are going to laugh over our ice and snow but it still leaves you home bound. Yesterday the Bainter children did go to school, except for Baxter. He was sick and Trudy got him a doctor's appointment.
Well when I put Stevie on the bus at 8:15 am it was just starting to snow. At 9:15 when I took Baxter to the doctor there was more than a inch here. I think I swept off a couple of inches on the car so we could see to drive, to say the least the roads were terrible. They were slick and all you could see was snow on the road. You know me and snow I might have gone 20 miles an hour all the way, I did pull off once and let some crazy people go by and then the snow plow caught up with me and passed me. But we made it safe and sound to the doctor's office.
Trudy called to see if I was really on the road as there had been an bad accident in front of her school.
The kids had early dismissal day. They got out 3 hours early. I know, I know nothing like in Oregon a few weeks ago.
So here is what our ice and snow looked like this morning at 6:30 am.
At 4:30 this afternoon it was 36 degrees and starting to rain. I don't know if there will be school tomorrow or not if it freezes. The roads are pretty clear now.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Zane's Stem School Class at the Patuxent Naval Base

Zane's school class has been making rockets at the naval base and they were going to shoot them off last Thursday, Jan 15th. He invited his mother, Grandpa and me to come see them blast off.
When we got up that morning the wind was blowing pretty hard but we went down anyway. Like we thought it was to windy to shoot off the rockets. Here is Zane sitting in the classroom, they had just finished their lunch. When we went into the class room Zane jumped up and made sure Trudy, Grandpa and I had a chair to sit on.
They gave out certificates of accomplishments and this is the picture when they told Zane because of his high score on one of the tests he could apply to go Top Gun in the summer at the base. There were only 3 in his class that had that honor.

After the certificates were given out the students could go into the simulator. You can see he took Grandpa in with him.

Trudy flew with Zane also.
Here is Zane using a little body English to get the plane into the air.
I glad Zane asked us to go. It was a neat opportunity to see some of the projects that Zane does at the stem school. Hopefully in the next month or so we will be able to go back down and see the rockets blast off.

Gunnison Bend Reservoir

This is still from last week's flashback. Here we are at the 4th of July parade in Delta. Then we went to the reservoir for the afternoon.

It looks like we were all having a great time here also. We used to have some great times at the reservoir through the years.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Caption Contest

Remember our contest on captioning this photo. This is the week to vote. We'll see the winner next wednesday.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


We just watched this movie on our instant netflix. We finally have our Roku working PERFECTLY. We enjoyed this movie and if you like child prodigy piano players and don't mind reading the captions because it is a German movie you will probably like it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flashback Friday

I started this flashback about our shooting guns as a family. I came across these pictures from when the family were all together and we went out to Amasy Valley in about 2002.

I had forgotten how beautiful and quiet it was out there. Panorama on the way out of Amasy
This is Sid Jr, Sydney and Jackie digging for Trilobites. It seems like we found quite a few.

This is Lora and Jackie.

Sid Jr had brought a gold mining outfit and we stopped and Sinbad Springs and here he is looking for color. Didn't find any.

Here is Dad, Sid Jr, and Sydney. They didn't find any either.

Dad at Sinbad Springs. This picture really doesn't do justice to how pretty Sinbad is.

Here we are at Amasy Valley and some of the group watching the skeet shoot.

George is showing Chanhei how to shoot. She found out why people love going out and shooting rifles and shotguns and why we love to own guns.
Trudy showing Ceci how to shoot.

Lincoln, Trudy, and Chanhei and little Ceci
Sid Jr, George, Dad, Tina and Lincoln getting ready.

Dad and Sid Jr.
Some of the little ones were a little tired and rested in Trudy's or Steve's arms.
Chanhei, Tina and Sydney

Out looking for unbroken clay pigeons. Everyone was kinda of rusty so they missed a few pigeons.
I had forgotten we took this picture. Me, Trudy, Tina, Sid Jr, George and Dad. It is amazing how much you can change in 7 years.
Panorama on the way out of Amasy with Sid Jr.

Panorama on the way out of Amasy with Chanhei.

Remember we could only go so high in our other vehicles so we left them along the road and got into Sid Jr's new truck and he took us to the top. There was about 23 of us in this truck. You can only see the 12 in the back.

I think we all had a great time that day. I know I did and looking at the 320 pictures that were taken it looked like everyone was having fun. Some of the pictures were at the house and some at the reservoir. Dad calls this the Young Reunion. The Stevens family were here from Maryland, the Sid Youngs from Oregon, the Bainters were still in Taylorsville and the George Youngs were in Abraham and dad and I were in Sutherland. Now we are either in Maryland or Oregon. Oops Halley is in Utah. You just never know what life is going to bring.

Noah Bainter 2001 (Contest)

Contest: We have a caption on this photo of Noah, but we would like to see if anyone can come up with a better one. Next week, Thursday, we will reveal our caption and then we can vote on who has the best one.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Activities to Burn Calories pr Hour

I found this in my Dad's little black notebook.

Beating around the bush 75
Jumping to conclusions 100
Swallowing Pride 50
Grasping at straws 75
Throwing your weight around 300
Wading through paperwork 300
Running around in circles 350
Dragging in your heels 100
Making mountains out of
molehills 175
Climbing the ladder of
success 750
Wrapping up at days end 12
Jogging the memory 125
Climbing the walls 150
Passing the buck 25
Beating you own drum 100
Turning the other cheek 75
Bending over backwards 75
Eating crow 225
Pushing your luck 250
Flying off the handle 225
Adding fuel to the fire 400
Patting our self on the
back 400

I shouldn't be as overweight as I am because I have some of these problems!!!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yesterday I had a pleasant day. It started out with Stevie coming over at about 8:30am. Her mom had to go to school. I was going to fix her blueberry pancakes but she decided she wanted muffins, so that is what she got. Six Bakery-Style Muffins, Blueberry Streusel syle. I tell you Duncan Hines and I make a mean muffin. Ceci never did make it over.

Then about 1:oo pm Isabella Fischetti came. She is about 2 or 3 months old. It was fun to watch her react with Stevie. Isabella would just coo and smile at Stevie. Then Trudy came home and I fed Isabella her bottle of milk and she went to sleep. After an hour Stevie went home because a sleeping baby is boring. Just after Isabella woke up here comes Stevie back, very happy to see the baby awake. Stevie was very helpful in changing Isabella's stinky diaper and when we had finished up Stevie looked up at me and said "Grandma, you really do know how to tend a baby!!!". So cute.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Utes WIN

I was so excited when I watched the Utes beat the BYU a few months ago and then to see them beat Alabama last night was sooooo great. They are undefeated this year.
My dad would take me to the Ute football games when I was 12. We moved to Utah when I was 11 and I became a dedicated fan. What a day this is to be able to be in Maryland watch a football game played in New Orleans with a Utah team. We've come along ways baby.