Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gala Apples

Last week Sid was eating a Gala Apple and we both eat the core and all just leaving the stem.  This time when he bite into the core there were these seeds that had spouted.  We wondered if we could grow Gala Apple trees from these spouts.  I made my homemade pots and put in some potting soil and whala.

I don't know what they will do because the Gala is a clonally propagated apple and some say apples seeds do not grow true.  So we will see.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cook out

Yesterday Tina and McKay came down for a cookout, the first of the summer.  Grandpa and I had bought a new fireplace and had planned to have a cookout some time.  The Bainters and Stevens are so busy that last night was the first time we could do it and after this week-end both families members are going their separate ways with camping with scouts, trek and so forth.  In fact grandpa and I had about decided to have a cookout by ourselves.

Grandpa had made these wiener sticks several years ago when Halley got married and we had a cookout for the families the night before the wedding so here they are getting burned clean.

The group


These pictures from here on were taken after dark.  We started at 7 and it was getting dusk by the time we started roasting the marshmellows.

After we had our fill of great food and were sitting around visiting a thunder storm came through.  We gathered everything up and headed into our house. It started to rain which was nice.  We started out with it being 95 degrees and after the rain it had dropped to 78 degrees. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our New Addition to the Family

The Bainters have a new dog.  They brought her home yesterday. 

She seems so far to be quite a nice dog.  She is two years old.  She loved Grandpa right off the bat.  She ignored me.  Oh well.
Two posts today this is number 1 number 2 is below.

Four on the Trampoline

Four kids on the trampoline.  I got a text from Baxter at 11pm, Grandma come take a pictures of us. I had not gone to bed yet because I had been watching a good movie.

When I saw how this picture turned out I decided I would get up early in the morning and take another one with them all asleep.  The next morning they were all in the house.  About 11:30 pm the girls decided it was to hot to sleep outside and then by 1:30 am the boys were eaten by insects so they went inside.  Good try though.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Potatoes

My yellow potatoes started to look sick compared to the red potatoes.  The red potato plants are really healthy.  I watered both containers yesterday.  Today Trudy and I decided to dig to see what was there.  This is what we came up with.  The red potatoes soil was dry and hard to dig in.  Trudy found the red potato on the top of the soil.  So I guess I need to water them every day. 
We are going to eat these for lunch today.  They are on the stove right now.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I must be getting older and better

This morning Baxter called and got me out of bed.  It was 7:30 am and I should have been up but I was up late the night before watching the Lakers beat the Celtics.  The Celtics threw the game away in the last 5 minutes.  Well anyways, Baxter wanted me to drive him somewhere in 30 minutes.  So I hopped into the shower and was ready when he came over.

Then I surprised him and asked him if he wanted to drive.  Okay family I know you won't believe it, Baxter won't get his license until December and he is just learning.  He is a very good driver he drove over to Bishop H's house and then when I went and got him 2 hours later I let him drive home.  He didn't scare me once.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Good Ole Hollyhock doll

When Grandpa was small he used to make hollyhock dolls.  As our girls grew up in Abraham, their Grandmother Young had lots of hollyhocks and they made dolls also.  Today I went out and picked our first hollyhock and grandpa and I made a doll.

The first pictures you see here are the ones we found on the Internet.

Now you get to see the one Grandpa and I made

I think it looks pretty nice!!!! And so does Stevie.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our bird feeders

This year Sid and I decided to try some different feeders along with our hummingbird feeder.

The reason the three are hanging together is that when I hung up the bell the first time it was too low and the first feeder on it was Bubbles the dog.  I think she thought we had bought it just for her.  If I hadn't been so mad I would have gotten my camera and taken a picture, oh well for that.
So we hung them together hoping the birds would come.  We have had humming birds but I haven't been able to get a picture as yet.

When we bought this bag I wondered if the finch's would come and they did.

This bird liked both feeders.

Of course we get our share of sparrows.  But I like to see them also.
I can tell I need to wash my windows better because the close ups show the streaks I left.
Bubbles keeps trying to see if she can reach them but she is just out of luck.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I saw these combines this morning as I took Baxter to his High School to drop off some papers to one of his teachers.  I went back again and took these pictures.  It reminded me of the days when I combined barley and corn in Utah, only the combine I used was a lot smaller and so was the container that I loaded with corn or barley to take into the grainery.  In fact most of the time I loaded up trucks that then took the grain to the grainery in town.

Since I saw this young man walking I got out of my car and talked to him awhile. He was there greasing the combines. ( An important thing). 

I wonder how it would feel to drive one of these babies.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Dad is always saying as we drive around, that it feels like going up Oak City Canyon.  I agree, only it isn't as cool as it is there in Oak City.

Thursday as I was coming home from lunch bunch I had my camera with me so I pulled off the road and took a couple of pictures of the trees.  You don't see this as you are coming out of Oak City.  All you see is the desert floor and Delta.  I couldn't find a picture of it but here are the two I took Thursday.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Super Saturday

I had a lot of fun last Saturday at our super Saturday.  There were lots of projects being done and great food.

This is the group I was teaching how to crochet around the baby bibs and blankets that we do.  I get the blankets ready and then the women of the ward crochet them and the RS president gives them to the women that have a baby.  It is a lot of fun.
In the background you can see the quilts (not the ones I did)  that I taught a few months ago that we are giving to the nursery's in the different hospitals.  Sister Rose McGlynn was teaching how to make them this time.