Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hmmmm What can I say!!!!!

Well Noah proved he could hit the broad side of a barn, oops I mean the broad side of the house.

Trudy could hear something going on outside the house and could see something fly by once in awhile. She went to see what was going on, and the boys were trying to rope the arrow and pull it out before anyone knew what Noah had done.  If this is wrong Trudy can explain.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Yesterday at 6 am, I received a text from Tina wondering if we wanted to go see the air show at Andrews. We had been once before and loved it.  Stevie and Steve decided to go also. Dad and I exchanged cars at Trudy's school and then went to Tina's and she drove and picked up Steve and then to the base.

We were walking in when I looked up and saw this skydiver with the flag.

Mckay sitting in the cockpit.

I can't believe how big some of these planes are.

Standing in line to go through a refueler. The last few pictures were in the belly of the refueler.

At noon we went over where they were having the air show and ate our lunch.

You can see the plane is upside down if you enlarge it.

Watched the planes in the air. Got lucky on some shots.

Watched the paratroopers

Took time out to let the kids have some fun.

Then we walked some more and just saw some interesting airplanes and equipment. It was then time to go home.  After Steve picked up his car at the park and ride, Sid and I went to Burger King to eat.  We were both to tired to think of coming home and fixing supper.  My pedometer said I had walked over 10,500 steps and it was only 5 pm.  I would do again.  It is thrilling to see the military and know what they are doing is keeping us safe and others also.   

Friday, May 20, 2011

Flashback Friday

Saturday, when we were at Tina's celebrating Mac's birthday, Baxter was sitting at the piano playing.  It brought back memories of me when I was younger.

I started piano lessons when I was 8 years old.  My teacher's name was Mrs. Shrock.  She had taught my Aunt Eva voice lessons and I think violin.  Mrs. Shrock also took lessons from my Great-grandmother Blake.
When I started my lessons she didn't have a studio so I took my lessons in a room upstairs in her house, but she had a grand piano that I took on.  Then later in her basement she had a studio built and she had a grand piano there and a regular piano off to the side.  When we would play duets she would play on the regular piano and I would play on the grand piano.

In the spring all her students played in what Mrs. Shrock called an ensemble.  It was in the top of the Hotel Sacajawea ( which now has been torn down), and we played in our age groups.  First we would play our solos on the grand piano that was on top the platform.  That was quite the walk, across the floor and then up the stairs to the piano.  Then after our group would perform our solos we would then play a four piano quartet.  The last piece I played was "Swaying Daffodils"and the quartet was "Tales from the Vienna Woods".

Now I'm taking lessons from my daughter Tina and I get to play a grand piano again.  It is so much fun. I'm learning so much from her and I'm enjoying playing the piano again. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today Dad and I decided to go and prune all the dead flowers out the flower bed.  Dad decided also to prune back his rose.  It kinda goes crazy growing and blooming and since the wind took it down once he didn't want the rain to break it so he did a little pruning.  My peonies also were looking sad and my holly hock was taking over so I cut out the dead flowers and trimmed the hollyhock: I hope I didn't hurt the feelings of the holly hock, but I wanted to see my other flowers that are starting to bloom out.

These were some of the peonies that were still pretty.  Now they are on my table in my kitchen.  This is a first for me.  Love it.

When dad was through trimming he made this bouquet with the roses instead of throwing them away.  Now I have two bouquets on my kitchen table.  They are so pretty.