Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Roads in Maryland

You may ask yourself, what does this sign have to do with the roads in Maryland. Nothing.

I was driving Baxter to his football practice the other day and we went past a Catholic cemetery. I liked the name of this cemetery so while I was out visiting teaching today I went and took a picture of it. So I was driving on the roads in Maryland.

A little further up the road is this farm, the Friendly Hall. Since Sid had a John Deere I decided to take a picture of this also. It is a big farm and there were workers out in the field harvesting.This is actually the road I drove on to and from the sister's house that I was visiting teaching. I had hoped that there would be colors, but I guess it hasn't been cold enough.

You can see the roads are narrow and winding.

Just a little further down on the same road. It is beautiful and shady.

The other day Trudy and I went to an alpaca farm. This is her driveway.

Narrow, winding, not paved, but beautiful.
It pays to have a map with you in your car because if you make a wrong turn you will be lost and you can't see anything but trees. Not like Oregon or Utah where you can see mountains and drive on straight roads.
Don't get me wrong, I love it here and maybe in a couple of weeks I can take some photos of the beautiful colors.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alpaca Farm

There is a teacher at the school where Trudy teaches that raises Alpaca's. Today and tomorrow she is having a open house, so Trudy, Noah, Stevie and I went.
Of course before you can see the Alpacas they had a booth set up and I liked this black shawl.
This is a pen of mothers and babies.
This is the newest baby. Isn't he cute. They all have names.
I love to see little babies eating. I think the lady said this one weighed 9 lbs when it was born.

Another baby and mother.

This little black Alpaca would click a greeting to you when you went to pet it.
It looks like it wanted to meet Stevie more than she wanted to pet it.
They had turkeys, rabbits and chickens. They had a prettier turkey but I didn't get a picture of it.

Thought I would throw in a black and white. Noah and Sid really don't like black and white but it's my blog right!!!
Trudy and Stevie

Trudy and Stevie feeding them a little hay.

Noah had to finally stand by his mom so he could feed this Alpaca.
This is a pen of the males. We went inside this pen and while we were standing there another male Alpaca came running up to this one and was going to spit but didn't. That was his way of challenging this male. It is mating season and the two don't get along.

I took this picture because I thought it was funny that the Alpaca roll just like horses. I missed the first two males that rolled.
This is Noah walking back to the car. Had to try a different slant at a picture.

Trudy and I both tried on this sweater. I couldn't believe how soft it was and warm. Today is cool, in the mid 60s, and overcast.
Just another black and white.
Just a nice day out with family and I enjoyed the Alpacas. They were pretty friendly.

Friday, September 25, 2009


On the way to True Value and Foodlion I had to take another picture of the rose tree that Sid bought this spring. It just keeps blooming and growing. All though it is growing more toward the house than it should.
We stopped at Southern States and picked up some spinach, Cress, and peas. I wish I had planted them for this lovely rain we are having.
We also stopped at the library and I got the book Three Cups of Tea and while I was in the library Sid bought 2 watermelons from the Amish Market. On Wednesdays and Thursday the market is full of people and you can't find a parking spot.

I love the Amish market for fresh fruits and vegetables. I buy my raw honey there also. They sell baked goods, and flowers at pretty good prices. I didn't get a picture of the whole market, as we were leaving there was a Amish man running across the street to the bank.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Early day dissmissal

This morning when Stevie left for school she saw the honey next to the popcorn and asked if we put honey on our popcorn. I told her no but we do when we make popcorn balls.
So when she got home from school we made popcorn balls.
Zane decided to help

Now we are waiting for the caramel corn to finish in the oven.

Friday, September 18, 2009

One plant down 20 more to go

Sid and I went out to see if the ground was damp enough to dig our sweet potatoes. Looks like it is. This is just one plant. Oh boy. Sid weighted them 5 lbs.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baxter's football game

Sid and I went to Baxter's football game tonight. Baxter helped make two tackles. This is the first one. The second one a girl stood up in front of me so I didn't get it. Every time Baxter is put in he helps tackle someone. I don't know why the coach doesn't play him more.
Sid enjoyed watching the cheerleaders and so I thought I would take a picture or two.
The cheerleaders are better now than they were in my day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our nieces "Custom Coloring Books"!

From this.......................to This
Our niece started making these coloring books a little over a year ago. If you send her pictures of your family or anything you would like she will custom make one for you.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

My braided bread

Just out of the oven
Had to cut it to see if it was done and what it looked like

I decided to make bread today so one of the loafs became the braided loaf bread. You can probably tell it went back into the oven for another 10 minutes. So yummy.
Thank You Christina Watson for making me remember how to make this bread.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Elephant's ear

This is Trudy's Elephant ear. It just keeps growing and growing. I love it. Baxter was telling me that the biggest leaf is no more. He thought it had been as tall as Noah. I have never seen anything like it.

micro-wave oven

Remember this picture way back in March after Sid, Steve and Baxter had worked all afternoon to get my dead micro-wave oven out.

Well this is what it looks like today after getting one free counter-top micro-wave, it did its last thing a week ago. Then spending 5 dollars last week at a yard sale for another micro-wave that when we got it home didn't work. I sure Trudy didn't mind us coming over and using her micro-wave, but enough is enough.

Yesterday Sid and I went to Lowes and bought this micro-wave oven. He with my help installed it and it works beautifully. Now I just have to remember to use the timed timer on the stove so I don't burn out this new oven.
another new post under this one.

Singing in the Rain

This morning it is pouring down rain. Stevie asked me if I was taking our car to the school bus stop, of course I said no we have umbrellas.

So we walk out to the school bus stop, Stevie with Grandpa's umbrella and me with mine. Dreary day right. Stevie starts twirling her umbrella, she says like in Singing in the Rain, and we start singing Singing in the Rain and she is dancing across the roadway.
She keeps this up until the school bus arrives. She doesn't get to wet we are just happy.

Our neighbor comes over with her two children growling because of the rain and I sing to her, What a glorious day, I'm singing in the rain to which she says, " I hate that song" and goes home growling and I skip into our house happy as a lark. That Stevie is our sunshine girl. She can make any day bright.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Stevie and Ceci

This picture was taken from quite aways away. I don't know who took it McKay or Noah. This was at the football in Waldorf.
Want to see the game go to the blog below hehehe

Baxter is on the JV football team this year

Baxter decided to go out for football this year. Quite a change from band and jazz band.

As you can tell his number is 29. He on the side line watching where Grandma's likes to see him so he doesn't get hurt. hehe Right Leo?

He did get to play and even made a tackle.

I turned my camera over to McKay, Zane and Noah and they took some great pictures.

I don't remember the name of the High School but it was in Waldorf. I went up with Steve and Trudy's family. Sid stayed home. Lincoln, Tina and McKay met us there. It was fun and I can hardly wait until the next game. You notice I didn't tell you the score. :)